Featured Cheeses in September 2019

Posted by The Cheese Shop on 30th Sep 2019

Mont D’OrMont D'or season is back!It's lighter fondue cheese that's ready made with very nice light mushrooms flavour. Best eaten after heating it up in oven with a splash (or two) of white wine into … read more

​Featured Cheeses in August 2019

Posted by The Cheese Shop on 3rd Sep 2019

In the month of August, we're featuring our blue babies.Saint AgurOur first feature is Saint Agur, a pasteurised cow's milk blue cheese found the world over, and for good reason - it's incredibly deli … read more

Cheese Guide for Pregnant Women

Posted by The Cheese Shop on 24th Jul 2019

I'm pregnant, what cheeses are safe to eat?The main concern is the contamination of the bacteria Listeria Monocytogenes, so there are generally two schools of thought: pasteurised cheeses and cheeses … read more