Featured (and New!) Cheeses in October 2019

Posted by The Cheese Shop on 28th Oct 2019

We had a few new beautiful seasonal cheeses this month!

Bleu de Termignon

Bleu de Termignon is still made traditionally, no electricity, using raw milk, natural yeast and water from a nearby stream. Even the blue is introduced naturally in the caves. This develops a cheese that's somewhat different with every wheel. Truly a product of its “terroir”.

From the Haut Savoie region of France, it is made only for 5 months in the summer in small chalets up in the alps. Come try this traditional cheese while it's available!

Tomme des Orrys

While soft goat cheeses tend to be pretty intense and goaty, older style goat cheeses are more subtle and approachable.

A great example is Tomme des Orrys. Made in the Pyrenees region, Tomme des Orrys is made from raw goat’s milk. The flavour is clean and fresh with a barest essence of tang. Remarkably delicious!

Buy in stores or order online at https://www.cheeseshop.sg/tomme-des-orrys/Taleggio

Named after the place it’s made, Val Taleggio in the alpine region of Italy, it is a wash-rind cheese made from cow’s milk. Its smell packs a punch, but the paste is smooth and creamy with complex flavours.

Taleggio is a fantastic inexpensive wash-rinded cheese and highly versatile — great on its own on a platter and great to cook with as it melts well.

Buy in our stores or order online at https://www.cheeseshop.sg/taleggio/