Ash Goat Pyramid 'Janier'

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240.00 Grams

Ash Goat Pyramid (or Pyramide Cendrée) is a raw goat’s milk cheese. It has a bloomy rind covered in charcoal ash. 
Shaped to a truncated pyramid, it is visually stunning on a cheese board and has a gentle, characterful aroma. Clean white once cut, it changes drastically with age. When young it has a smooth, fresh almost minty taste, yet becomes more powerful, aromatic and gooey around the edges as it matures. The texture of its paste is fine with an oily feel.
Hand selected from tiny farm producers by affineur Christian Janier and matured to perfection in his cellars in Lyon.
• Country of Origin: France
• Milk Variety: Goat
• Style of Cheese: Soft
• Pasteurised: No
• For pregnant women: No 
• Vegetarian: No