White Wine Pairing Selection Pack

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1,000.00 Grams

We’ve handpicked a few of our favourite elegant, refined cheeses, to be enjoyed with your white wine of choice.

We recommend kicking things off with either the double or triple creme bries - these rich, creamy cheeses are the perfect partner to the crisp acidity of white wines. Follow it up with some Prima Donna, loaded with sweet, milky cheese crystals, or a bite of extra mature cheddar for a more savoury pairing.

We’ve also included some mild and crunchy Sicilian Nocellara olives for some extra dimension, and savoury crackers to put them altogether.

Kick back, relax, and enjoy with a glass or two of your choice of chilled whites.

Thinking of adding a bottle of wine? One of our favourite recommendations is the Lucien Albrecht Pinot Gris. It will definitely tingle your tastebuds :) You could also go for our Bellenos Cuvee Blanc. Light and easy, it's a combination that will blow your mind. 

Items included:

  • 1 x Brillat Savarin with Truffles 200g 

  • 1 x Cambozola 200g

  • 1 x Prima Donna 250g

  • 1 x Vacherousse 200g

  • 1 x Snowdonia Black Bomber Extra Mature Cheddar 200g

  • 1 x Charles Antona Fig Jam
  • 1 x Peter’s Yard Original Mini Crispbread 

  • 1 x Fine Cheese Co Sea Salt and EVOO Crackers

  • 1 x Castellino Sweet Sicilian Olives [Out of stock: Will be replaced with Olives et Al Assorted Olives]
  • Gift card with handwritten note (customisable at checkout)

  • Gift Box (L)

Please note: Included pictures are for illustrative purposes only. The description provides the most accurate list of products in the pack. We will do our best to ensure products are as stated. In the event items are out of stock, we will replace it with another product of similar type and value.