Vegetarian Selection Pack

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1,000.00 Grams

This vegetarian-friendly selection pack contains a curated range of delightful cheeses with all the flavour, WITHOUT any animal rennet. Enjoy them with a thoughtful selection of crisp sourdough crackers, sweet dried fruits, or lightly salted nuts. We've made sure to throw in a variety of cheeses for maximum enjoyment; from a mild, buttery, double-cream brie to a salty, savoury cheddar with a spicy kick - there's sure to be something for everyone. 

Items included:

  • 1 x Gouda with Truffles 200g

  • 1 x Mexicana Chilli Cheddar 200g

  • 1 x Wensleydale with Mango and Papaya 200g

  • 1 x Vacherousse d’Argental 200g

  • 1 x Peter’s Yard Original Mini Sourdough Crackers 105g

  • 1 x Vega Jardin Quince Paste 200g [Out of stock: Will be replaced with Beerenberg Quince and Pear for Cheese]

  • 1 x Castellino Sicilian Sweet Olives 100g [Out of stock: Will be replaced with Olives et Al Assorted Olives]

  • 1 x Mr Filbert’s Simply Sea Salt Mixed Nuts 30g

  • 1 x Wilton Fruit Salad 250g [Out of stock: Will be replaced with Wilton Dried Apricots]

  • Gift card with handwritten note (customisable at checkout)

  • Gift Box (L)

Please note: Included pictures are for illustrative purposes only. The description provides the most accurate list of products in the pack. We will do our best to ensure products are as stated. In the event items are out of stock, we will replace it with another product of similar type and value.