Cheese Wheel Box

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1,500.00 Grams

This is a cheese 'cake' made for people who are not so keen on sweet treats! Not everybody has a sweet tooth, so why not opt for a cheese wheel for your next party or gathering? We put together a range of our best-selling cheeses to form our cheese wheel, accompanied with three complimentary chutneys. This is going to be all about cheese 'cakes' and not cheesecakes!

The items into the box are as follows:

1. Cambozola (200g) - Cambozola is a cow's milk blue cheese that is like a cross between a French triple cream and Italian Gorgonzola. Gentle and decadent.

2. Brie with Cranberries (200g) - A unique fruity combination: a Brie de Meaux, with a cranberry-based mix at its centre! The cheese is creamy and lightly salted, and has the typical taste of Brie de Meaux, which, for some may seem strong, but is softened by the sweet fruitiness of the cranberries.A fresh and flavoursome blend of sweet and savoury!

3. Applewood Smoked Cheddar (250g) - Applewood is a traditional farmhouse cheddar from Ilchester. Applewood is not actually smoked but given an artificial smoky flavouring with a dusting of paprika for a golden-amber appearance. 

4. Wensleydale with Mango and Papaya (250g) - Mild Wensleydale is delicately mixed with sweet and refreshing pieces of mango and papaya. Bursting with fruity flavours, this cheese pairs with delicious fruits to create a sweet and tropical blend.

5. Double Cream Brie with Garlic and Herbs (200g) - a famous double cream brie with pasteurized cow's milk with generous amounts of garlic and herbs both mixed into the paste and rind for the delicious herbaceous taste. 

6. Cornish Kern (250g) - A longer maturing cheese than Yarg, it develops over sixteen months within its handsome black wax coating. Originally derived from a Gouda style cheese, Alpine starter cultures are added to create individuality and to create a close texture which resembles Dutch/French cheeses.

7. Goat Gouda with Honey and Thyme (250g) - This Goat Gouda with Honey and Thyme is simply enjoyable for all our senses. Not only is it stunning to look at - coated with thyme and cornflower, the honey and thyme added into the cheese pairs remarkably well with the mild tanginess of the goat cheese. 

8. Fine Fleur de Celles - Drum-shaped cheese with a thin natural rind and a fresh, light texture. Almost mousse-like when young, the cheese is salted with delicate fine grains of Fleur de Sel from the Ile de Re, giving the taste a gentleness quite unlike other goat’s cheeses. [Out of stock - we will be replacing this with St Marcellin]

9. Cottage Delight Classic Cheese Board Chutney Mini Globe x1

10. Cottage Delight Caramelised Onion Chutney Mini Globe x1 

11. Cottage Delight English Country Cider Chutney Mini Globe x1

12. Gift card with handwritten Note (Customizable at checkout)

13. Gift Box (L)

Please note: Included pictures are for illustrative purposes only. The description provides the most accurate list of products in the pack. We will do our best to ensure products are as stated. In the event items are out of stock, we will replace it with another product of similar type and value.