New Cheeses: June 2019

Posted by The Cheese Shop on 27th Jun 2019

We found quite a few new favourites this month! Read below to find out more.

Ash Goat Pyramid

Shaped to a truncated pyramid, it is visually stunning on a cheese board and has a gentle, characterful aroma. Clean white once cut, it changes dramatically with age. When young it has a smooth, fresh almost minty taste, yet becomes more powerful, aromatic and gooey around the edges as it matures. The texture of its paste is fine with an oily feel.

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Gouda 24 Months Fermier

This beauty has been getting a lot of attention from our staff and customers alike!

Every hard cheese has a sweet spot. An expertly matured traditional, raw milk Gouda is just about perfect at 2 years.

Meet our new 24 month farmhouse Gouda from master Affineur Christian Janier. At this age, it's the perfect blend of salty caramel notes yet is creamy enough to melt in the mouth. Sweet spot of flavour and creaminess!

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Manchego with Truffles

Do we need another truffle cheese? Aye, we do, especially if you prefer a more balanced combination of cheese and truffle taste.

Manchego with Truffles is a fantastic sheep cheese ripened for 6 months with added truffles. It has a creamy texture with a slightly acidic and sweet aftertaste. The truffle aroma and taste doesn't overpower and is perfectly balanced with the cheese.

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