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250.00 Grams

This robust blue is the result of a partnership between American cheesemaker Joe Schneider and Neal's Yard founder Randolph Hodgson. Since the 1990s, all Stilton has been required by law to be made from pasteurized milk. Pining for the raw milk Stilton of old, Hodgson and Schneider set out to make their own, but because they could not legally call it Stilton, they chose the next best thing: the original name of the village that came to be known as Stilton.

Flavours are smooth and buttery with underlying nutty, toasty notes. There is a spicy element from the blue mould but alongside that is a long lasting savouriness and caramel-like sweetness. The layers of flavours expand and develop in your mouth as you eat and develop in your mouth long after swallowing.


  • Country of Origin: England
  • Milk Variety: Cows'
  • Style of Cheese: Blue
  • Pasteurised: No
  • For pregnant women: No