Saint Marcellin

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70.00 Grams

If you're ready for a runny cheese that will give a kick (and punch!) to your tastebuds, look no further than Saint Marcellin.

This French cheese made from raw cow's milk hails from Dauphiné, in Rhône-Alpes. A classic small medallion-shaped cheese (weighing only around 70g) with scattered white and, after several weeks maturation, blue bloomy moulds. 

While firm when it's young (10-12 days), it's best eaten when it's aged for at least 20 days, when the paste starts to melt and ooze - when its tangy and fruity flavours start to develop. Combined with the creamy texture, you'll be sent to cheese heaven!

Our Saint Marcellin is sold in a plastic cup. It should be kept at the bottom of the fridge in an airtight box and taken out at least 20 minutes before eating.

  • Country of Origin: France
  • Milk Variety: Cow
  • Style of Cheese: Soft
  • Pasteurised: No
  • For pregnant women: No 
  • Vegetarian: No