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250.00 Grams

Rossini Blue hails from the Val Taleggio region of Italy. 

This blue cow's milk cheese is aged over a period of 70 days, during which it is covered in grape marc and brushed with red wine. This allows the cheese to develop a lightly marbled ring, with a sweet, creamy interior reminiscent of grapes. Unlike other blue cheeses, the Rossini's saltiness is mellowed by its intense fruitiness. Add some honey, fried figs, or try it with a side of citrusy orange marmalade to really bring out the sweetness of this cheese. 

  • Country of Origin: Italy
  • Milk Variety: Cows'
  • Style of Cheese: Blue & Blended
  • Pasteurised: Yes
  • For pregnant women: No
  • Vegetarian: No

As this cheese is hand cut, the weight of the actual piece ordered will be estimated +/- 50g from the stated weight. We will ensure that the total price value of your order will be accurate or slightly in excess.