Chevre D'Argental

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100.00 Grams

A rare and rather splendid double cream goat's milk brie. The flavour is gentle and the texture is almost spreadable. The white, corrugated rind is uncommonly supple and tender. Not only does it avoid interfering with the luscious, whipped-to-runny texture of the interior, it actually adds an interesting texture contrast.

The Cheese Shop recommends pairing this with a light, summery white wine eg., Moscato, crisp Chardonnay or fruity Sauvignon Blanc. Also, definitely try it with a pear cider!

  • Country of Origin: France
  • Milk Variety: Goats'
  • Style of Cheese: Soft
  • Pasteurised: Yes
  • For pregnant women: No
  • Vegetarian: Yes

As this cheese is hand cut, the weight of the actual piece ordered will be estimated +/- 50g from the stated weight. We will ensure that the total price value of your order will be accurate or slightly in excess.