Cheese Guide for Pregnant Women

Posted by The Cheese Shop on 24th Jul 2019

I'm pregnant, what cheeses are safe to eat?The main concern is the contamination of the bacteria Listeria Monocytogenes, so there are generally two schools of thought: pasteurised cheeses and cheeses … read more

New Cheeses: June 2019

Posted by The Cheese Shop on 27th Jun 2019

We found quite a few new favourites this month! Read below to find out more.Ash Goat PyramidShaped to a truncated pyramid, it is visually stunning on a cheese board and has a gentle, characterful arom … read more

The Cheese Shop Mac N Cheese for Kids Recipe

Posted by The Cheese Shop on 13th Jun 2019

This Mac N Cheese recipe is fantastic, especially for kids - cheesy without being overpowering, creamy and lots of hidden vegetables. Based on our experience, err on the side of too much - no leftover … read more

New Cheeses: May 2019

Posted by The Cheese Shop on 30th May 2019

We never really know what new cheeses we’re going to get until we taste them. This month, we’re glad to report, the new cheeses from our French affineur, Christian Janier, has been amazing. Here’s a c … read more

The Cheese Shop Mother's Day Gift Guide

Posted by The Cheese Shop on 9th May 2019

This Sunday is an extra special day, Mother’s Day! Are you brainstorming gift ideas your mother might love? Here are some at-home ideas from The Cheese Shop:Cook a meal (together)It’s not everyday we … read more