Domaine Arnaud Baillot Bourgogne Chardonnay Blanc

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750.00 Grams

Climate: Continental climate with slightly higher temperatures and rainfall
Terroir: Special selection of 100% Chardonnay grapes that come from the Côte d’Or
Ageing: Sustainable agriculture. Manual harvesting with grape sorting and parcel-by-parcel ripeness monitoring. Traditional fermentation of 15 days in stainless steel tank. Aged for 12 months in Burgundy oak (10% new oak)

Color: Pale golden
Nose: Notes of white peach and pear
Palate: Smooth and fruity palate. Best paired with snails, seafood and fried fish

About the Winery:

Domaine Arnaud Baillot is located in Beaune, the heart of the Côte d’Or.
Passionate about the diversity of wines the Burgundy region has to offer, Arnaud Baillot has teamed up with his wife Laure (grandaughter of Domaine Hudelot-Noëllat in Chambolle-Musigny) to produce a spectacular range of villages and crus Burgundy wines. Arnaud has been hands-on all the way, from selecting the origin of the grapes, overviewing the winemaking process, to choosing the type of barrels and ageing time for each individual wine. In 2017, Arnaud and Laure acquired a small vineyard in Côte de Beaune, making their first step in having their own Estate produced wines at Domaine Arnaud Baillot. Their philosophy is to respect and promote the complexity of the Burgundy wine region while producing terroir-driven wines.