Westcombe Cheddar

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250.00 Grams

Westcombe cheddar is a truly artisan cheddar from Somerset by Tom Calver, made using unadulterated fresh raw milk which is poured into the vat still warm from the cows.

It has a deep complex flavour with a mellow lactic tang and long notes suggesting citrus, hazelnut and caramel. The texture is structured and firm, with a smooth breakdown that lets the flavours linger in your mouth. Indeed, this cheese is often called a Five Mile Cheddar as you’re still tasting it five miles down the road!

Westcombe Cheddar pairs well with fuller white wines like Gewurtztraminer, viognier, fruity red wines like Cabernet Saugvinon, Shiraz. It goes well with an ale too.

  • Country of Origin: England
  • Milk Variety: Cows'
  • Style of Cheese: Hard
  • Pasteurised: No
  • For pregnant women: Yes
  • Vegetarian: No