Trip to the Alps Selection Pack

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1,000.00 Grams

Bring your senses on a journey through the Swiss Alps with the very best Swiss cheeses. Generations of experience and traditional handicraft, along with careful processing of fresh raw milk from happy cows grazing on flowering meadows, artisanal cheese makers have created masterpieces that reflect the Swiss Alps.

Whisk yourself away to picturesque snow capped mountains, clear blue skies, and pristine waters.

Items included:

  • 250g x Gourmino Le Gruyère AOP

  • 250g x Schallenberg

  • 250g x Hornbacher

  • 250g x Engelberg Cheddar

  • 250g x Gotthelf Emmentaler AOP

  • Trip to the Alps Card

  • Gift Box (L) 

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