Six O' Clock Mango, Ginger and Lime Gin

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700.00 Grams

Mango, Ginger & Lime - Romy's Edition is a deliciously moreish gin packed with flavour. Six O'Clock has worked closely with celebrated chef Romy Gill MBE to craft a gin that portrays the unique flavours of India, using herbs and spices commonly found in Indian cooking and infusing the gin with the juice from the native mango. The recipe is inspired by the memoirs of Romy and strikes the perfect balance between rich fruity sweetness and reserved spice. Enjoy this delicious gin as a G&T over plenty of ices and garnished with a slice of fresh mango. 

Tasting Notes:

Elegant, crisp and fresh, London Dry is a classic juniper-led gin with refreshing and balanced notes of orange citrus, elderflower and subtle spice.

With Tonic: 

Serve with plenty of ice, tonic and a lemon twist for a refreshing G&T.

For Mixing: 

Versatile for mixing in a wide range of cocktails from The Martini and Martinez to The Negroni and Gin Rickey