Sacla Intenso Tomato and Garlic Pasta Sauce 190g

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190.00 Grams

Rich, thick, totally Italian. One of Sacla's tricks to achieving such an intense flavour is slowly drying their tomatoes under the scorching Italian sun. Keeping it simple, they then add fresh garlic for a humble yet flavoursome sauce. 

Like every Intenso sauce, they've checked it clings to every piece of your favourite pasta. When you crave a change, try their Sun-dried Tomato and Garlic sauce with rice, couscous and grains. 

Ingredients: Vine-ripened tomatos (diced tomato and tomato juice), Sunflower seed oil, Rehydrated Sun-dried Tomatoes (16%), Tomato flakes, Italian Basil, Garlic (3%), Fructose, Sea salt, Natural flavouring, Acidity regulator: Lactic acid; Antioxidant: Sulphur Dioxide