Sacla Fiery Chilli Pesto 190g

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190.00 Grams

When we say 'fiery', we mean it. Experience explosions of heat with every forkful. Whether you enjoy it with halloumi or toss it into spaghetti for a late-night snack like an Italian. 

Our fiery chilli pesto simply combines garlic, oil and hot chillies, red peppers and juicy ripe tomatoes.

It's never been easier to add heat to your favourite dishes. Just don't be surprised when your tongue is left tingling!

ingredients: Red peppers (suphites), tomato paste, sunflower seed oil, parsley, almonds, medium fat hard cheese (milk), garlic, dried and sliced chilli pepper (1.7%), red pepper flakes, salt, rice syrup, acidity regulator: lactic acid, black pepper, thyme powder, anissed