Oktoberfest Beer Bundle

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1,000.00 Grams

It’s the month of October, which means it’s time for Oktober Fest! Although the festival is not happening this year, why not create our very own at home? 

We have curated a crate of our bestselling beers and some craft beers too, together with sausages and crisps. Gather with family or housemates with a couple of close friends. Turn on the music and keep the spirit of Oktober Fest alive! 

This bundle includes:

Leffe Brune 330ml: 

Dark brown with reddish hues, malty and full bodied, with flavours of brown sugar and dark fruits.

Leffe Blonde 330ml: 

Golden straw colour. Notes of bananas, citrus, yeasty flavours with a hoppy finish. 

Flensburger Pilsener 330ml: 

Clear medium-golden colour, bready, honey flavours with grassy, hoppy notes. 

Flensburger Dunkel 330ml: 

Reddish-brown colour, notes of darkly-roasted malt and caramel, balanced with fruity hops and bitterness. 

Flensburger Gold 330ml: 

Pale gold colour, light and fruity with notes of biscuit, crackers. 

Flensburger Weizen 330ml: 

Cloudy golden colour, bready, citrusy notes, mild hoppiness. 

Shepherd Neame IPA 500ml: 

Deep golden ale, notes of spiced fruits. 

Black Sheep Brewery Velo Pale Ale 500ml: 

prominent hoppy flavours balanced by a citrusy, zesty body. 

Little Creatures Pale Ale 330ml: 

Orange colour, light and fresh with notes of grapefruit, passionfruit, low hoppiness. 

St Peter's Ruby Red Ale 500ml: 

Tawny, reddish brown colour. Smoky Malt, candied fruit with spicy hoppiness. 

Butcher Box Traditional Pork Sausages 400g: juicy, hearty 

Butcher Box Spicy Chorizo Sausage 400g: savoury and spicy

Brown Bag Sea Salt & Vinegar Chips 150g: Savoury kettle-cooked chips with a zingy kick. 

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