La Penombre Blanc, Vin du Midi 75cl

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750.00 Grams

From Kim Tidy’s Arte Pontendi range from the Languedoc Roussillon in Southern France. La Pénombre du Midi evokes the half-light of dawn breaking across the skies of the South of France when harvest picking has to start before the heat of the day

This southern French white made in the Languedoc is buttery mix of pear and melon fruitiness with apple and almond to follow. The taste is made fresh with a lemoniness. A nice wine made from a blend of five different grape varieties: Grenache Blanc, Terret Bourret (also know as Terret Gris with its grey pink colour), Vermintino (also known as Rolle and used in the Kylie Minogue Cotes de Provence rose), plus Roussanne and Marsanne. The result is a wine that would be good for almost any occasion.