Garofalo Bolognese Pasta Sauce

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310.00 Grams

Made without preservatives, colourings and artificial flavours.

The excellence of Emilian tradition gives rise to Garofalo Bolognese SauceThe selection of high-quality Italian ingredients enhances a recipe full of some of the most popular flavours. Fresh ripe tomatoes, beef, pork, extra-virgin olive oil, onions, carrots, milk and Parmigiano Reggiano PDO are combined in a harmony of consistency and taste.

As for the other Garofalo sauces, the Bolognese sauce also has no preservatives or artificial flavours. Perfect if prepared in the oven with Garofalo Lasagne sheets.

Ingredients: Tomato 61%, beef 12%, pork 8%, sunflower oil, tomato paste, carrots, onion, powdered skim Milk, celery, salt, cornstarch, extra-virgin olive oil, spices