Drunken Goat (Murcia al Vino)

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250.00 Grams

Pressed, washed, uncooked cheese made from Murcian goat´s milk and cured for a minimum of 45 days for our version. The cheese is macerated in red wine during ripening to give the rind the characteristic color and aroma. The high skin-to-juice ratio of this wine gives it a high coloring power and tannin content as well as a strong floral aroma, all of which are passed on to the cheese.

The flavour of this cheese is a pleasantly sharp aroma and unsalty flavor. The red wine in which the cheese is soaked during ripening gives a flowery aroma and a pleasant aftertaste with reminiscences of goat’s milk and cream. The texture is creamy and elastic.

  • Country of Origin: Spain
  • Milk Variety: Goat
  • Style of Cheese: Semi-Hard
  • Pasteurised: Yes
  • For pregnant women: No
  • Vegetarian: Yes