Cottage Delight Chorizo, Pork and Onion Pate

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180.00 Grams

This pate has great flavour and soft texture, an authentic French pâté selected from an artisan family producer using traditional methods and recipes. Serve alongside grilled toast, crackers, salad and a chilled glass of white wine. Pork, Chorizo & Onion pate creates an elegant topping for canapés and nibbles, perfect for parties and picnics. Ideal on toasted sandwiches and paninis, an alternative to cannelloni filling, great spread over pork chops and baked or a simple filling for stuffed chicken.

INGREDIENTS: Pork liver (32%), Pork (21%), Chorizo (20%) (Pork, Spices, Salt, Lactose (from Milk), Sugar, Colour: Carmine, Preservatives: Sodium erythorbate; Potassium nitrate; Potassium lactate), Pork fat (11%), Onions, Whole egg, Salt, Paprika, Pepper.