Wessex Mill French Bread Flour 1.5kg

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1,500.00 Grams

Awarded 1 star in the Great Taste Awards. Milled in France from French wheat. It gives a light open textured loaf with a crisp crust. The French have always used local wheat. It is low in protein.
Protein when mixed with water forms gluten.
Gluten is like chewing gum and is unique in wheat. It allows the gas generated by the yeast to be trapped in bubbles.
The stronger the wheat the smaller the bubbles.
The English have historically, because of the Empire imported wheat from India, Australia, South Americas , America and Canada. These wheats are strong in protein allowing English bakers to make small bubbles. It also allows more water to be added, if you then add a bit of fat, it allows the loaf to last for longer.

Ingredients:  Flour, Malt Flour, Flour Treatment, Agent-L-Ascorbic Acid