Chabichou du Poitou

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160.00 Grams

The Chabichou (pronounced “shabby shoe”) is one of the oldest cheeses in France, manufactured in the Poitou, Berry and Perigord regions of France. It’s made with whole fresh goat’s milk. 

Even though the Chabichou smells typically “goaty”, the flavours are sweet with a bit of salty and tangy edge at the end. As the cheese ages, it becomes savoury, piquant and nutty. The wrinkled rind is edible and a bit of mould on the surface is normal - a sign that it's reached a good level of ripeness.

Balance the flavours of the cheese with light white wine, champagne, and pilsner beer.


• Country of Origin: France 

• Milk Variety: Goat 

• Style of Cheese: Soft 

• Pasteurised: No 

• For pregnant women: No